Why should you choose Anomis Flower Creations?

You are someone that enjoys having a fresh bunch of flowers in your house every day or adding a flower to every table in your restaurant on a daily basis? You may prefer the cost-effective alternative investment of long-lasting, preserved & dried Anomis Flower Creations.

Our variety of Preserved and Dried Flowers they retain their natural beauty for at least a year, so even though sometimes they may cost more than a shop-bought bunch, it will save you money as you will not be spending pounds every other day on replacements. Our florals are still as fragile and delicate as fresh flowers because our preservation method does not contain any artificial elements such as plastics or silks.

If you want an economical solution to providing flowers in your workplace on a regular basis, or you want memories of your big day to last many months longer than a fresh bouquet would, then Anomis Flower Creations is the perfect choice.

Do you offer Forever Roses?

Yes we do ! Preserved roses are real, freshly cut natural roses that have been carefully selelcted and delicately grown on rose farms. Using a sophisticated process our preserved roses are able to retain their natural beauty over years to come. Therefore, they are the perfect alternative to fresh flowers because they do not require any special care.

The appearance of roses depends on the environmental conditions in which they will be kept. All you have to do is keep the preserved roses at room temperature, at a humidity between 50-60% and away from direct sunlight and you will have a refined flower that retains its vitality, elegance and natural beauty throughout the years. Our Ecuadorian preserved roses have so much significance and are a step further in preserving that special moment. We all know that the red rose is the universal symbol of love!

Regardless of your choice, gifts and decorations with preserved roses are the perfect choice for Anniversaries, Mother's Day, Weddings, or other special occasions and will brighten up any room!

How long do dried flowers last?

Our dried flowers can last many years in the right environment. Dried flowers hate moisture and direct sunlight. To prolong the lifespan of your dried blooms, it’s best to store them somewhere with low humidity, and avoid anywhere too drafty.

Where can I send dried flowers in U.K?

We deliver our dried flowers letterboxes nationwide to all postcode areas for England and Wales for £7.50 via Royal Mail services. Locally we can hand deliver all postcodes over a 3 mile radius from our studio location for £4.00 delivery charge. If you would like to send a bespoke arrangement nationwide please get in touch and we will try to accommodate your request.

For more information on delivery, please see the Delivery section

My dried flowers just arrived...what should I do?

We hope you love them. The golden rule with dried flowers is NO WATER! Sounds obvious, but we’ve got to say it. When picking a spot to display your dried flowers, ensure it’s not somewhere humid, and it’s out of direct sunlight or anywhere drafty.

For Dried Flower Bouquets, carefully remove the bouquet from the box, and if you wish to unwrap the bouquet to place in a vase, or hang from a picture hook, just be gentle - dried flowers are delicate.

If you’ve received a DIY Kit (flower letterbox), you’re in for a treat! Select a vase or vessel of your choice and get creative! If you need some inspiration, you can use the images on the product page as a reference. The great thing about our DIY Kits is that you can apply your own style, and if you ever get bored, you can rearrange your flowers for a fresh new style.

How do I care for my dried flowers?

To increase longevity and reduce risk of damage or fading, make sure you keep your dry flowers away from water, humidity, direct sunlight, wind and drafts.

For more tips on dried flower care, visit our Flower Care Guide.

Can I combine my dried & preserved flowers with other flowers?

Yes, but they can only be combined with dried or silk flowers or other flowers that do not need to be placed in water to survive. Any water on your preserved & dried heads or in the stalks can cause them to die prematurely.

Any tips on how to display dried flowers?

Adding a Dried Flower arrangement to a room can really make a statement, but placement is key. First, you want to select a place that will ensure your flowers don’t get damaged, so pick a spot out of direct sunlight, and with low humidity.

Be sure to pair your arrangement with a vase or vessel that is appropriately sized and has a colour and texture that compliments the natural beauty of your dried blooms. Organic shapes and natural textures look great with dried flowers. As for colours, stick to clear glass, muted earthy tones, metallics or pastels.

Dried Flowers make fashionable table display, whether it’s your dining table, a side table, or your desk. Ensure that the colours surrounding the arrangement work with the tones of your dried blooms. Our dried arrangements often look great against a crisp white wall or paired with other pastels and neutrals.

Can I order a custom dried floral arrangement?

We welcome custom requests, and we absolutely love creating bespoke floral designs as we believe this makes for a personal experience, tailored to your needs and style and the result will be totally unique.

How will my flowers be protected during transit?

To ensure your flowers remain safe during transit, they are attentively wrapped in tissue to keep them protected and packed in a custom box designed to keep your flowers pretty and protected from damage.